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Chairman's keynote address

Promotion of regulation of the telecommunications and communications and information technology sector in compliance with the law on Telecommunications, relevant frameworks and the policy of the Royal Government of Cambodia under the wise leadership of the Royal Government in the 5th Mandate of the National Assembly, led by Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo HUN SEN, Prime Minister, is an important priority goal in the public administrative reform programs of the Royal Government, which is the core of the Rectangular Strategy, National Strategic Development Plan and political Platform of the Royal Government of Cambodia for growth, employment, equity and efficiency in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Regulation of the telecommunications and communications and information technology sector with high effectiveness, transparency [and] quality and provision of interest protection to service provider and network and telecommunications service users in the line with the policy of strategic development plan and legal frameworks in force defined by the Royal Government if Cambodia through the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications as the technical guardian are the most primary function and duty of Telecommunication Regulator of Cambodia and are strategically [important] that cannot be subject to negligence or be overlooked, and greatest attention shall be paid to its nationwide implementation as per the places, times and needs of the people with the aim of achieving Cambodian Millennium Development Goals in order to contribute to promoting investment and development in the sector to participate in boosting the national economy and alleviation of poverty of the people of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

The advantage of the attitude of civil servants and staff of Telecommunication Regulator of Cambodia has the following four main core attributes for better serving investors as providers of networks and telecommunication services and the people as users of the networks and services:
• Willingness of ownership, efforts to carry out tasks to be done to the best of the ability;
• Loyalty to the people and state’s institutions;
• Professional conscience to ensure capability of work performance in and effective and accountable manner;
• Culture of public services, meeting the actual needs of the people and changing style of work performance for the purpose of better serving the people for the sake of people’s wellbeing and prosperity of our nation.

The policy on provision of the right to regulate telecommunications market and provision of public service to the public to Telecommunication Regulator of Cambodia through the Law on Telecommunications is the core of administrative reform of the Royal Government of Cambodia in this mandate.

The policy provides Telecommunication Regulator of Cambodia with the approaches and mechanisms for improving the quality and providing its services to the providers and users of telecommunications networks and services as per the needs at various places and in a timely manner for the purpose of making the regulation and those public services reliable, convenient and responsive to the actual needs well as transparent. This means the providers and users of telecommunications and communications and information technology servicers will easily benefit from the regulation and provision of public services which are reliable, effective [and] transparent, and there is complete information related to the regulator and service provision.